How to find the perfect lampshade

20th April 2021

You can never have enough lamps in our opinion. There’s something about a cosy little corner to read a book with a well-placed lamp, fire lit…. Need we say more?

Lighting is so important in all-interior schemes. It’s like setting the scene onstage. You have to get it just right and a few lamps at low level can create the perfect setting.

So how do you go about picking the correct lampshade for your table lamp?

A really good place to start is to collect all the lampshades you have at home already and try these with your lamp base. It allows you to get a ballpark size to start your search.

The important thing to remember is to keep everything in proportion so you don’t end up with either a shade that is top heavy or a tiny shade on a larger base.

Measure your lamp base from the base to the bottom of the bulb holder so you have a height.

Measure the width of your lamp base at its widest.

A rule of thumb is the height of your lampshade should be two thirds of the height of your lamp base or thereabouts.

It’s a personal choice but if you always have this in your mind you won’t go far wrong.

The width of the lampshade should be wider than the widest part of your lamp base.

There are always exceptions to the rule.

If your lamp base is in the middle of two sizes of lampshade always pick the larger lampshade it will always be a much better option than a smaller one.

Finding the best match for your Floor lamp

To decide which lampshade you will need for your floor lamp, measure the height of the lamp base from the bottom to the top of the bulb holder, then divide this measurement by four.

This will give you an idea of the height needed although it is a personal choice.

Are you looking for a wide lampshade? Always think about where your base will be positioned in your room and think about the space you have.

If you have limited space its maybe an idea to think about a slightly narrower lampshade but perhaps slightly taller.

We are always happy for you to send a picture of your lamp base to us with your measurements and we can then advise on the best size for you Email us at [email protected]